All the small things: An Intern’s reflection

August 9, 2010 at 3:28 pm Leave a comment

My internship at the Butterfly Pavilion has come to an end, but the knowledge that I have gained will stay with me for years to come. Even if my internship was only for three months, I feel as if the Butterfly Pavilion has reiterated to me to appreciate the small things in life. These small things usually turn out to be the most beautiful and sometimes overlooked. Just ten minutes of walking around in our rainforest conservatory or our gardens has reminded me of all the things that I take for granted in my everyday life. As cliché as it sounds, sometimes just stopping and really smelling the roses, can completely expunge heartache or even a headache. Although my main focus the past three months has been on marketing and events, I feel as if I took more away from the idea that there are things in life that we repeatedly ignore or frequently forget about, and those things are becoming more and more endangered on a daily basis. Flowers, trees, butterflies, cockroaches, tarantulas, etc. all keep the wheel of life spinning, but also allow us to enjoy even the worst day with their splendor and beauty. I want so desperately for my children and their children to be able to see the things I get to see day after day. I want them to have the chance to see thousands of butterflies fly above them. I want them to have the opportunity to walk through a nature trail and see a myriad amount of plants, insects, and animals, but more importantly, I want them to see these things like I saw it, but better. The Butterfly Pavilion never fails to set the bar high for how nature and its inhabitants should be forever.

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Erin Peary

Marketing Intern Summer 2010


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