More spiderlings at the Butterfly Pavilion

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The Butterfly Pavilion captive tarantula-breeding program experienced its second major success last week when the breeding team opened the Chaco Goldenstripe (Grammostola aureostriata) tarantula egg sac and discovered it was viable and had several spiderlings and eggs. The Butterfly Pavilion scientists counted 97 spiderlings (eggs with legs) and nine eggs. The count was slightly down because of loss due to bad eggs causing mold growth within the egg sac.

The Chaco Goldenstripe tarantula was chosen for breeding purposes because of their threatened status and it’s a close relative to the Chilean Rose Haired tarantula (Grammostola roseas) that the Butterfly Pavilion has already successfully bred. Chaco Goldenstripe tarantulas are extraordinarily docile and popular pets because of they are easy to care for.

Wild-caught Chaco Goldenstripe adults used to be so prevalent in the pet trade that very few breeders focused their efforts on reproducing the species. But then, Paraguay closed the export of wildlife and the adults became scarce. Chaco Goldenstripe are difficult to breed because they take up to 7 to 10 years to reach sexual maturity.

The Butterfly Pavilion began the captive tarantula-breeding program in April when the breeding team mated two Chilean Rose Haired tarantulas. Diana and Cassanova (the breeding pair) produced an egg sack with over 300 spiderlings. The breeding program was designed to provide educational opportunities for zookeepers and visitors, as well as, the conservation of wild animals. “The Butterfly Pavilion is hoping to sustain a variety of species, both endangered and non-endangered, in hopes of helping to maintain captive populations to decrease the desire for poaching,” expressed Zookeeper Troy Miller.

More information about the captive tarantula-breeding program will be posted on the Butterfly Pavilion blog in the coming weeks. Check back often to learn about the health of the spiderlings and the next breeding attempts.


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