Blogging for Butterflies?

April 2, 2008 at 10:42 pm Leave a comment

In committee meetings, staff meetings, board meetings and general buzz around our facility, conversation about the Butterfly Pavilion’s focus and direction continues to circle back to issues of environmental conservation.  How do we apply best practices in our exhibits and in our offices?  How do we continue to take steps, or better yet, leaps towards operating within our values of enviromental stewardship, conservation, sustainability and diversity – locally and globally?

Faced with limitless possiblities and finite resources, we have succeeded in bringing conservation into everyday dialogue at the Butterfly Pavilion.  2007 saw the creation of a Conservation Commmittee composed of staff and volunteers dedicated to exploring and implementing environmentally-friendly ways to run our day-to-day operations, as well as further integrating conservation messages into our exhibits.  Within only a few short months renewed investment is evidenced by clear results:  Recycling bins were purchased and placed at key points throughout the facility; office supplies are evaluated and purchased based upon a combination of cost and environmental impact; when visitors hold Rosie, they are also educated about the impacts of harvesting threatened tarantula species from the wild.   

 The Butterfly Pavilion‘s blog is intended to push us forward in our mission of educating folks about the environment and conservation through those (mostly) little animals we call invertebrates.  Our goal is to explore current events within that very context.  Are bees really disappearing, and what are the global environmental and economic impacts?  Or perhaps more importantly, what’s to be done, what can we do?  The issues are endless, the questions are pressing, and science can be, well, fascinating. 

So, please join us as we open a dialogue about our changing world and the animals in it. We’re waiting to hear from you.

Kim DeLashmit, Marketing Director
Butterfly Pavilion


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